This collection of poems inspired by people’s last words began as an absurd writing exercise and a challenge to write outside of myself. What could have taken a maudlin turn became a celebration of life with a wicked grin towards the shadows of our own mortality.


What started out as a simple idea (collecting poems for a book) turned into an autobiographical journey that spanned a turbulent year living (and driving) along the East Coast. Losing love, finding love, and finding a degree of peace through poetry.

Odd Bits Of Broken Things | poems by Todd Regoulinsky

about the author

I have been writing poetry for over 30 years as a way to pass the time, organize the thoughts in my head, scream into the void, open my heart to a new love, mourn the loss of an old love, and generally make sense of the world around me.

To sum up, I’ve been writing poetry in self defense.

My poems have been published in Aegis, freefall, and Guerilla Poetry as well as two of my own collections.

Todd Regoulinsky | writer author poet

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